Ibrahim Imoro v Dennis Korsah: Assessing Who The Better Player Is

In the era of social media fandom, point scoring is as important as actual points. If you can find an avenue to place ‘my player’ ahead of ‘your player’ in whatever way feasible, then get those fingers ready, because furious typing will commence.

Football tribalism runs through our veins. It’s unavoidable. Some know how to temper it, others less so, but one can’t distance themselves from the adoration they have for their beloved football club. The same applies to their players.

The most recent instalment of ‘my dad would beat up your dad’ comes in the form of two left-backs who ply their trade with Ghana’s footballing behemoths. A pair who, for their own respective clubs, have sown themselves into the very fabric of their institutions, and won a place in the hearts of their beloved fans.


We have Kotoko’s Ibrahim Imoro and Hearts’ Dennis Korsah next up on the conveyor belt of controversy, with both sides of this debate posing their arguments as to why one is better than the other.


Since no conclusion has been made, it’s fallen on kickgh.com’s shoulders to settle matters once and for all. Well, partially, anyway.


Here at kickgh.com, we love the gas. We talk football, we throw opinions out there and we love to generate debate. Some people agree with what’s said, some people hate what they hear and read, some people find it funny and some people go out of their minds with incandescent rage.


But that’s all part and parcel of being a football fan- we’re a community brought together by the love of this great game, and the special thing is that we all want to have our say. Now we’ve sold the concept of talking football to you, let’s get another hot topic on the. Shall we?


Both Imoro and Korsah have been entertaining the Ghanaian football faithful since they made their debut in Ghana’s elite division. Imoro has had spells with Bolga All Stars, Karela United FC, and now with Asante Kotoko. Korsah, on the other hand, had previously played for Cape Coast Ebusua Dwarfs before joining Hearts in the second half of last season.


It’s fair to say that both are very good players.


But who is better?


That’s the questions we at kickgh.com are going to answer (with your help).




Versatile players are a vital commodity, particularly at international level when the disparity in players’ abilities are often dramatic. It’s also good to have players who can play multiple positions at tournaments/competitions when a squad size is limited.


In this category there is only one winner, Korsah. The former Dwarfs man has only been at Hearts for half a season and yet he has already been deployed in several different roles. Left-back, left-wing and midfield – Korsah can do it all.


Imoro meanwhile, has largely remained at left-back or wing-back throughout his career so far, though this is perhaps more of a reflection of the settled nature of Kotoko’s backline than his own lack of versatility.




Ah, defending. Though it may not seem like it at times, a modern-day left-back does still occasionally have to do a bit of this now and again.


Each player has a fiery, competitive edge and both are fans of a meaty tackle and an aerial duel. Overall though, Korsah is the superior defender. Solid, dependable, positionally he is excellent, always the correct distance from his colleagues and opponent.


While Imoro deserves immense credit for his work rate and performances, it is his overall approach that has been the real story. Positive, calm, and insightful, he has given the club options at the left-back position but is often caught out of position.




Sorry, this is another no contest. Of course it’s Imoro. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better left-footer crosser on the ball in the division, to be honest.


As a right-back, it must be so intimidating to know that Imoro only needs half a yard of space to drop a picture-perfect cross straight into the corridor of uncertainty. It’s this sort of razor-sharp precision that saw him pick up over 8 assists and 2 pre-assists in the just-ended season.


That’s not to say that Korsah is not a fearsome crosser himself – far from it. Since nailing down a spot in the Hearts first team he has regularly put in more than five crosses a game.




A key reason behind Kotoko’s ability to progress the ball up the pitch so quickly is the thrust that Imoro provides at left-back.


Watching the snarling Imoro in full gallop is quite the sight to behold. He possesses a devastating combination of acceleration and subtle close control which allows him to race upfield with ease.


He ended the season with a pass accuracy of 80%; 135 passes in the opponent half and 21 key passes, figures that leave Korsah trailing long behind. Even accounting for a clear difference in attacking approach play, this shows a clear winner in the dribbling stake.




Comparing two of the best left-backs in the country is just an unfortunate way of praising one of your own. There is no need to belittle someone else so you can flex your own muscles in support of a former, or current, player.


Of course, holding the belief that my player is better than your player doesn’t have to mean the other isn’t good, it’s just the way these things tend to turn out anyway. It’s antagonising for the sake of it.


Choosing between Korsah and Imoro is a tough call and ultimately any decision will come down to your preference and style. Both players are pure talents and have set the bar super high for full-backs in the division.

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